this is us

BLE3W, fully named BLE Webprojects, is a small and informal company, operating from the Rotterdam-area in The Netherlands. Busy since '02, creating and finetuning the tools and services we offer. We maintain our own serverpark, with powerful (data)servers, placed in state-of-the-art data centers at strategic locations around the world. This provides us with the flexibility and computing power we need to serve the projects in our own way: fast, safe and reliable.

what we do

Under the flag of BLE3W we develop webbased and data driven applications, and all that comes with it. In collaboration with renowned specialists, we shape, build and maintain a wide variety of webprojects where data is fundamental.Large and small, complex and simple, business and recreational, mostly custom made and often to deploy deep within websites. In all cases we stay focussed on the main mission: bringing ultrafast, secure, adaptable and easy-to-use webtools to life

we like it green

Durable, green and clean; that's the way to go nowadays! We like our planet and want to contribute to conserve it. In our choice of data centers and the purchase of new hardware, we take a good look at sustainability and energy efficiency. Of course, all systems run on clean energy, what make all projects CO2 neutral. Additionally, we're as paperless as possible and supports recycling by separating it's waste - as little as we generate.

contacting us

Feel free to contact us at any time. We prefer if you do this by email, so we can process your message at a suitable moment, with all the care and attention it needs. Please send your email to Thank you!

company info

BLE Webprojects, is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands under filenumber 51100363.
Our VAT-number is NL001795026B92.